While the Taunton event is taking a break in 2018 (see below) we are pleased to support this event –

SUNDAY 13th MAY 2018

Quantock Heritage are pleased to announce that vehicles from their heritage fleet will be running a frequent service on this spectacular route.

Guest buses and coaches from the 1960’s and earlier will be very welcome.

More information will appear on Quantock Heritage’s website.

Please contact Quantock Heritage if you have queries or want to enquire about bringing a vehicle.

More about the Taunton event

We have now held 5 running days in Taunton establishing a place in the rally calendar in early May.  These have developed into highly successful events where we have been fortunate to have a town centre site and appropriately the use of the adjacent bus station – courtesy of Buses of Somerset.  We are also pleased to have had excellent support from Quantock Heritage, various enthusiasts groups & individual bus owners to be able to put on a good display together with an intensive timetable of services with an extensive range of interesting vehicles.

As will be appreciated, all of this has involved a lot of preparation and background work and has been achieved by a very small team of people. Some have now expressed a desire to have a rest, or will not be available in the run up to May 2018.

Therefore, we regret that the decision has been made to have a “break” and not hold a 2018 Taunton Vintage Bus Day, but then review the situation for 2019.

The Classic Bus website has a list of bus events around the country.

We hope to welcome you to Taunton again in 2019.

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10 Responses to Home

  1. Ken Jones says:

    A really excellent event and I hope it becomes an annual one

  2. daniel dawson says:

    it was a Good event i like to see it next year!

  3. Neil Markwick says:

    A very enjoyable event. Will you be repeating the Lodekka trip on the 400 route the day before as per the 2013 event?

  4. Lord Parker says:

    If you’d like any of my images for promotion.. do let me know – http://lord-parker.co.uk

  5. Steve Leater says:

    Would it be possible to attend your bus running day again this year please

  6. Dan Snell says:

    Really enjoyed this event, video link below. 🙂

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