2013’s Event

The 2013 event included buses ranging from the 1940s to the 1990s, with many traditional ‘half cab’ double deckers with open rear platforms, some to ‘low-bridge’ layout which enabled double deck buses to pass under low railway bridges including that in Taunton.

There were also coaches including representatives of the ‘Royal Blue’ fleet which for many years were a common sight linking the South West with London and other parts of the country.

Buses that operated were :

  • Barton 851 (851 FNN), AEC Regent V
  • Bath Services 8089 (OHY 938), Bristol KSW6B
  • Blackburn 43 (ABV 43B), Leyland Titan PD2
  • Bournemouth 44 (JLJ 401), Leyland Tiger PS2
  • Brighton, Hove & District 992 (GHT 127), Bristol K5G (open top)
  • Burtons Coaches ACH 441, AEC Regal III
  • Crosville TA5 (JFM 575), AEC Regal III
  • Devon General 518 (CTT 518C), AEC Regent V
  • Devon General 748 (C748 FFJ), Ford Transit
  • Grey Cars 1 (1 RDV), AEC Reliance
  • Ipswich 65 (DPV 65D), AEC Regent V
  • ‘London Transport D130’ (CCX 777), Daimler CWD
  • Northampton 258 (GNH 258F), Daimler CVG6
  • Royal Blue (Southern National) 2380 (OTA 640G), Bristol RE
  • Royal Blue (Western National) 1420 (EDV 502D), Bristol MW
  • Southern National 1613 (LTA 772), Bristol LWL
  • Southern Vectis 863 (TDL 563K), Bristol RE
  • Stagecoach Devon 701 (P701 BTA), Volvo B6LE
  • Stockport 65 (HJA 965E), Leyland Titan PD2
  • Western National 353 (FTT 704), Bristol K6A
  • Western National 1935 (VDV 752), Bristol LDL6G Lodekka (open top)
  • Western National 1936 (VDV 753), Bristol LDL6G Lodekka (open top)
  • Western National 1969 (468 FTT), Bristol FLF6G Lodekka
  • Woods, Mirfield 20 (EVD 406), Crossley 42/7

A number of photographers have posted their photographs of the 2013 event online – the collections include :

bobby’s transport photos (on Flickr)

philipweaver (on Flickr)

Sou’wester (on Flickr)

Yorkshire66 (on Flickr)

and a video by TriflingCircle (on You Tube)

If we have not mentioned your collection, please let us know and we will add a link.


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